Thursday, December 2, 2010


We went to a wedding on memorial weekend for two university students, one who is graduating this year. Here is how this young couple cut down prices to have a nice frugal wedding.

- One friend offered to take care of the wedding planning as her gift to the couple. This turned out great because it cut out a huge expense.
- They served light appetizers at the wedding instead of a huge dinner.
- Another friend offered professional pictures as his gift to the couple(The friend is actually a photographer.
- A person gave flowers as a gift to the couple.
- I made the bouquet the bride held in her hands for the wedding.
- Keeping the wedding small so that they could have the party at their apartment.

There is nothing wrong with asking friends for help. It is even better when you can provide a service as a free gift to the couple. The couple will really appreciate it and you will save them a lot of money.

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