Saturday, July 31, 2010

My love for personalized items

I am sooo in love with this personalized gifts site.
When you sign up they give you tons of promotional items for free, you just pay shipping. For new members you get free 1200 prints for signing up. If you sign up by being refered through me you will get 1200 prints for free plus 3 photobooks for free. The quality of the items they sell is great! They make excellent christmas gifts, wedding gifts or gifts for parents. I have gotten many things for free, shipping and cost of the item, which I love. I've also ordered alot of items because even with the cost of shipping it is sooo much cheaper then buying these personalized items anywhere else. I can buy a photobook on arts cow for $8.00 for cost and shipping. To buy it anywhere else is almost double just for the cost of the book.

Be sure to check it out and start personalizing memories of your children and family, or even start stocking up on christmas gifts.

To start you personalizing adventures go here!

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Clare said...

If you love personalization, you can save a lot of money on personalized Christmas stockings. Some are 75% off. Check it out!

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