Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dollar Tree

I have talked to alot of people last Sunday who all think that dollar tree isn't a great place to shop. They assume that everything is cheap quality and will break when you touch it. I am a big fan of the dollar tree. I have found so many items over the past year that are the same as the "as seen on tv" brand items for a dollar. I never have to pay full price for items because I know I will eventually find it at the dollar store.

I am throwing a bridal shower for my cousin on Saturday. As I was planning the party I decided I would check the dollar store for items. I got some boxes similar to these but actually look a lot better.

Click here!
These are $0.58 each I bought a pack of 10 for $1.00

Also, I bought plates, napkins, cups silver and white with petal design for $1.00 each. There are tons of decorations as well. I will try to add pictures as I am putting up the decorations tomorrow.

I will be going back tomorrow to get some balloons for the party. But whenever you think about throwing a party, check out the dollar store first. It is amazing how much money you can save if you go there first!


Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Those are really cute bride and groom boxes! I don't care what anyone says - I hear the dollar tree!! I go there all the time!

Amoora said...


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