Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dollar Deals

Today I went to The dollar store today and these are the deals I found.

I know you have seen these on t.v. the closet genie. I found these two packs of closet genies for $1.00. I have been wanting to try the closet genie since I saw the commerical, now I can.

I also found a 5 pack of body wash sponge things. Usually I buy thse for $0.99 each, every now and then I get lucky and find them 2 for $1.00. But this is like $0.20 a piece.

I also found this cappicinio mix. I am not a big fan of food from the dollar store, though I do try things out every now and then. I did try this out in my first attempt at making a frappicinio and it was actually really good. They always have this stuff in stock.

I found these glittery and fuzzy gift bags, 2 for $1.00 They don't look like bags you would find at the dollar store.

I also found those fake tealight candles, 2 pack for $1.00. I bought these once before from micheal's and was soo disappointed that the lights were so dim and it didn't look like they worked. The pack I had purchased wasn't cheap so I returned it. I bought 1 pack because I didn't want to be stuck with all these fake tealights if they didn't work. I need 5 for a wall decoration I have up. These worked 10 times better then the ones I bought before. I will return to buy the rest from the dollar store.

My out of pocket expense was $6.36

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