Monday, February 8, 2010


If you have seen the news in the past few days or if you live in the DC area you know that the weather was/is extremely bad around here. Well, on Saturday we were hit hard by the snow, and our building lost power and water.

Yesterday we got the power and water back but unfortunately the cable/Internet wasn't back yet. Basically making it difficult to post for my lovely readers. I am back for now, although we are promised more snow on Tuesday. I will keep posting unless I no longer have Internet.

I would like to know how everyone is liking the new look of the blog. I don't necessarily like it because when you scroll down the page is all white. I tried to change the color with no luck. If anyone knows how to change the background color please let me know. If I have better luck with the Internet this week I will try to fix the look of the blog.

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